Wedding Showreels

Wedding Films

People are different. The film of your wedding should be unique to you. Most good film-makers create wedding films which are emotive and beautiful, but quite similar. Our approach is to also try to capture the personalities of both the wedding couple and their guests.  Our wedding storytelling uses familiar imagery and striking composition of video and sound, to capture, preserve and treasure a fleeting event for the rest of your married lives.
“Thank you for going to so much effort. The drone footage of the grounds really adds to it, and seeing the ceremony from different angles is lovely too. Thanks again for thinking about so many lovely details and I love the playing card frames at the end! Amy and Rob x”
Very recent developments in cinematic photography allow us to film from a guest’s perspective using 4K DSLRs and gimbal-stabilised rigs, without imposing cumbersome equipment, but still producing  smooth, high quality sound and cinematic moving images – from the air down to intimate detail. We will try to limit the numbers of operators to two in most cases, but it is difficult to properly film the ceremony with three cameras and a digital sound recorder sometimes even with two.
We can film weddings nationally or in Europe, but our experience is mainly in Essex and Suffolk. We can accommodate filming on any size budget, but can guarantee to provide best value quotes on any similar video package available within the region of South East England. Please get in touch prior to your wedding as possible, to allow us sufficient time to plan our approach with yourselves, your venues and wedding services. So if you are interested,  please get in contact and let’s talk!