Our prices


Prices of paintings are negotiable based on what you think they are worth to you and the costs incurred in producing them. This means that if they are purchased direct, rather than through a gallery, they are not expensive.

Documentary Films

Most documentary films undertaken by Rackett Media are undertaken for free, unless this is for commercial company purposes. Expenses for travel and subsistence will be charged depending on location.

Wedding Film Prices in 2017

Special 2017 Prices
Our experience spans nearly thirty years filming weddings of friends and family, some of us are retired, we are really wanting to grow our wedding film business rather than maximise our profits. We upgraded filming using broadcast TV professional standard 4K cameras,  and professional editing software.  Our prices will therefore normally be 10% or less than any standard advertised wedding film package (Siver, Gold, Platinum) in the East of England region for the film production using multiple cameras and one to three operators (plus travel and accommodation where necessary), but we have undertaken budget packages lower than £500.

If you would like us to produce your wedding film and we are available, the following will happen:
After receiving a deposit of £200, we will book you in to our diary and confirm this by mail.
We will then need to plan the film and identify wedding music with you, preferably in person, as soon as is convenient to your planning.
We will visit your venues for the day, to agree arrangements and camera positions, but cannot film in religious locations unless receiving prior written agreement from the appropriate body (so please check before sending a deposit). Some locations may also not agree to arial filming of their location or this may not be legally appropriate.
On the ‘big day’ we will film according to a prior agreed schedule, usually:

  • Preparation of Bride and Groom
  • Arrival Reception
  • Ceremony
  • Meal/Celebration
  • The first dance

Post-production selection, editing and colour grading is where our main creative work occurs and this can take about a month to complete. This is necessary to achieve a good cinematic look, continuity and balanced sound. You will receive a ‘trailer’ montage film in advance of the main film,  available on line for you and your guests to view.

On receipt of the outstanding fee, you will receive your finished film between one and two months after the event. The main film will be the ceremony in chapters like a commercial film (about 30 mins, with additional unedited material such as speeches if requested (normally about one hour in total). It can be supplied on USB drive, DVD or BluRay disc with relevant chapters, in either HD or UltraHD quality and in 16:9 or cinema ‘letterbox’ format according to your preference.

For a small minimal cost, we can also additionally supply wedding presentation boxes, presentation USB and albums (CD or CD and photo albums) if previously agreed.